Friday, May 4, 2012


…Imagine a recycled collage ball with signature of a young African kid adorning your corporate office or the reception of headquarter of the world football governing body, FIFA? This is a project for change, the power of football outside the pitch, a great opportunity to impact positively the lives of the kids from impoverished areas, kids that have little or no access to art education and quality recreational activities. Not every child will get the chance to kick the round leather ball but give them the chance to create one. The process of creating the RECYCLED COLLAGE BALLS is tending to be a springboard for socio-economic change. Let’s embrace it! “It is this passion for football that enables it to have a broader impact on the lives of millions around the world, particularly children. Football and the FIFA World Cup can promote improved health and education for the world’s children, prevention of HIV/Aids and, yes, a child’s right to recreation.” Kofi Annan • Former UN Secretary-General We will like to seek for support from organizations, corporate bodies, and individuals to provide art education for the less privileged kids. We will be visiting the rural areas to give the chance to participate in a history making project with the less privileged kids. We will be creating the balls from papers and recycled materials (product used posters). It will strictly be made from paper and larger than the usual round leather ball. The intent for this project is to build environmental art projects with the less privileged kids to increase eco-awareness, nurture creativity, strengthen community engagement and participatory in global sport. Your sponsorship will mean supporting African children involvement in global sport and using football to promote social development. Olusegun Michael, Adeniyi +234 802 406 9722, +234 803 087 4474 See samples of the project on this link:

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