Saturday, February 18, 2012


This philosophical title means “creating or wearing garments for trees. It is otherwise called installing garments on trees. Ordinarily, trees don’t wear clothe, but the natural bark. Some ugly at sight, some are fascinating and friendly, some are badly harvested by man for food or concoction or decoction used for natural health. By implications installing garments make trees wear new look, gives a sigh of relief to viewers and are drawn closer to view, appreciate or sit on them. Standing trees are installed together with seats all wearing garments. It could serve as aesthetics and functional where people seat and relax.
Here is Mr. John Adenle assisted by Lanre Tejuosho and Olusegun Adeniyi engaging the pupils from FCE Abeokuta Staff School in the art of decorative forms to beautify the public places. The essence of this project was to encourage community oriented projects among the young ones. These kids offered to their community form of aesthetic 0btained from waste cellophanes and logs of intended firewood.

- waste Industrial prints (cellophane)
- Gun tackler machine/pins
- Dummier machine
- Sanding machine
The kids wrap the tree or the woods with the waste cellophane and fix it with the Gun tackler. They do this until the part they intended for their project is covered. The wrapped logs are then arranged in manner attractive enough for relaxation.