Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What is Mixed media art? Media is a plural word for medium. Medium in art means material for execution of an art works. Mixed media is when you use two or more materials for the creation of an art piece.

Here in the studio, Miss Fope Badaru has created series of art works using mixture of glue and acrylic on canvas using an extruder and set of brushes.

STEP 1: You make your drawings on the canvas or your choice of surface which could be paper or hard paper board.

STEP 2: Mix the glue with acrylic of the colour of your choice on a container or palette. You may mix more than one colours depending on your design or drawing.

STEP 3: When you have done with the mixing, you may now transfer the substance into your extruder. You may improvise an extruder by using used engine oil container or a pure water sachet.

STEP 4: Apply the coloured-glue on your design or drawing until your intended working space is covered.

STEP 5: The finished work may be framed before displaying it for public view.

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